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FPL goes to Ireland!

Poetry Ireland Introductions 2018 group image copyright Poetry Ireland

In March 2018 I was very fortunate to be accepted to the Poetry Ireland Introductions scheme for 2018. The series is designed to equip and encourage poets at the early stages of their careers, through a series of workshops and culminating in a performance at the International Dublin Literary Festival in May 2018. Approximately 200 people applied in 2018, and 12 were selected by the multi-award winning poet Sinead Morrissey.

The first two workshops were held in Poetry Ireland’s extraordinary, beautiful home in Parnell Square in Dublin. The first was a very useful exploration of the craft of performing poetry, by the poet Theo Dorgan. The second was an opportunity to discuss an edit our poetry as a group, with Sinead Morrissey and it was truly a joy.

There will be another workshop on promoting poetry, and then a group performance on 23rd May.

It is the most amazing privilege to be among such a talented group of poets and it has been the greatest pleasure to hear their poetry and to discuss poetry with them.

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